Missing Hikers Could Have Used an LED Flashlight

Wahkeena FallsTwo Portland hikers were airlifted from the Wahkeena Trail in the Columbia Gorge Wednesday afternoon after they became stranded on a steep cliff and couldn’t get back to the main trail. The 20-year-old men called for rescue Tuesday evening but had to spend the night in the gorge with no flashlight and no warm clothes.

They became stranded when one of the men fell in the mud and the other tried to help. Although they were described as “experienced” hikers, neither carried a flashlight and both were dressed inappropriately for the cold overnight conditions, officials said.

Although both men were safely returned to their families – albeit “cold, hungry and tired” – their experience illustrates the importance of always carrying basic survival gear, including warm clothes and an LED flashlight or LED headlamp, even when hiking during the day.

You never know when a fall or other accident may cause you to leave the trail and become lost or stranded. An LED headlamp can help you find your way in the dark while leaving your hands free to navigate rough terrain, cook a meal or set up an emergency shelter. It can also be used as an emergency beacon to help rescuers find you more easily.

[Photo by: Alaskan Dude]

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