Highway Lighting in Shenzen Uses More Than a Million Cree LED Light Bulbs

Original Photo Source From LEDsMagazine.comLED light bulbs are becoming more and more prevalent for both industrial and home use. Just look at the latest Cree LED lighting project in China – it features a million Cree LED bulbs.

Using Cree LED Bulbs to Light a City

When Shenzhen, China, wanted to upgrade its highway lighting to lower energy costs and provide the required amount of illumination using compact, modular fixtures, it chose Cree LED light bulbs for the job. Kingsun, the Chinese company working on the project, ultimately installed more than 10,000 LED streetlight fixtures – using more than a million Cree LED bulbs – along nearly 75 miles of roadway, including one tunnel and four highways. Cree had a major hand in the light installation.

“Cree’s XLamp LEDs proved to be the perfect solution for our modular lighting system, providing the illumination performance required by our light distribution scheme for this major roadway installation,” said Li Xuliang, president of Kingsun Optoelectronic Co. Ltd.

Benefits of LED Light Bulbs

In large-scale projects like the Shenzhen highway upgrade, LED light bulbs are highly efficient and can reduce overall system costs. For example, Kingsun expects to see a 60 percent reduction in energy use with the new LED fixtures; the savings are expected to help pay for the upfront installation costs and provide a return on investment within four years.

Not only can LED light bulbs ease the drain on municipal energy budgets, but they also help reduce the strain on the environment by reducing energy consumption. From personal LED flashlights to large-scale light installations, using less energy is better for the planet.

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