Michigan: LED Streetlights (maybe)

In Romeo, Michigan, the local Downtown Development Authority (DDA) recently investigated and discussed the option of using LED lights to replace their current streetlights. Unfortunately, according to DDA Coordinator Janine Saputo, the timing just wasn’t right — yet. The process did, however, inspire her to pursue alternative LED solutions for the city’s streetlights. While it seems as though Saputo is ready to implement greener technologies, others are not as enthusiastic about the efficient, new technology. In fact, some are concerned about negatives outweighing positives when making the switch to LEDs.

“We’re not sure whether these streetlights are readily adaptable,” said Paul Reiz, a DDA liaison. “You’ll find that a lot of light fixtures aren’t easily adaptable to the LEDs and could shorten the life of them.” Ruiz also expressed concern that the LED lights would be too bright

Romeo is not the first city to begin investigating and implementing LED technology. For instance, Ann Arbor, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco are among a number of cities around the United States already committed to making the switch.

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