Mexico City Will Serve As Test-Run for Solar-Powered LED Street Lights

A superhighway in Mexico City will be the country’s first attempt at using solar-powered LED lights in streetlamps as a roadway lighting alternative.

The roadway-lighting project will run along the new 23 km. Viaducto Bicentario elevated superhighway from Lomas Verges to Tepotzotlan in Mexico City. The project is a joint venture by the Lighting Service Group (LSG) and BHP Energy Mexico and will use LSG’s Prolific DC series LED Roadway 100 watt bulb.

“This is the first elevated superhighway in Mexico that will be illuminated entirely by solar-powered LEDstreetlights, and our customer required the most efficient and reliable illumination system available to complement the advanced nature of its solar power system,” said BHP Energy Mexico CEO Alan Barson.

This project is an example of solar-powered solid-state lighting, or, SSL. The term SSL refers to light emitted by solid-state electroluminescence. Traditional incandescent lighting uses thermal radiation to create heat and has much higher heat generation, also called parasitic energy dissipation. SSL LED technology is commonly used in traffic lights and modern vehicle lights. The LSG Prolific solar-powered LEDscame onto the market in 2009 and the company says they could be used for a wide range of purposes.

“Countries around the world now have the freedom to install virtually anywhere environmentally friendly, affordable and energy efficient street lights that have better lighting quality than traditional HID lights,” LSG CEO Zach Gibler said.

If the Viaductor Bicentario lighting project is a success, more cities around the world may be encouraged to incorporate energy-efficient LEDs into their infrastructure budget. Until then, individual customers can still get high-quality LED flashlights and LED lanterns from a number of reputable companies.

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