Memorial Day: Camping Tips for Future Trips

Memorial Day is here! Hopefully, you were able to get away and enjoy the fine Pacific Northwest weather this weekend. In fact, hopefully you’re still enjoying it…

One of my favorite Memorial Day pastimes is camping. I think this is a given when you live in the Northwest. Who doesn’t love everything about summer camping? The tent, the campfire, the food? It’s all good. If you didn’t get a chance to experience the Great Outdoors this weekend, well, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to do so throughout the rest of the summer. And please do take advantage of our beautiful surroundings and three months of warmth and sunshine.

Below, I’ve compiled some of the most helpful articles from Coast about camping and hiking. Use them to enhance your experience. Enjoy!

Essential Coast Camping Equipment – Quality, reliable equipment you’re going to need anywhere you go.

Sharpening Knives – You can’t go camping without a proper blade. Make sure you know how to keep yours sharp!

Fall Camping – Though this article is targeted toward the fall season, many of the tips directly apply to summer camping as well.

Essential Fishing Equipment – Who can resist spending a summer day on the lake? Casting and catching, catching and casting…

Winter Camping – Again, lots of great advice on being prepared for camping. If you can do it during the winter, summer’s a sinch!

Hiking Precautions¬†- You aren’t expecting to stay in your tent all day, are you?!

[photo: William Sullivan]

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