Los Angeles adopts LED streetlights

Los Angeles joins the growing list of cities converting conventional streetlights to LED technology. The City plans to retrofit a total of 140,000 LED fixtures in local and residential neighborhoods over the course of the next five years as part of the green streetlight program.

The LED streetlights are estimated to reduce L.A.’s energy usage by 40 percent as well as lower carbon dioxide emissions by 40,500 tons per year (roughly the equivalent of taking 6,700 cars of the road).

The green streetlight program, developed in collaboration with the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI), is funded by a combination of energy rebates, the street lighting assessment fund, and loans and will be repaid throughout a seven-year period using the savings gained from the retrofit. By the eighth year, the City will see an annual savings of $10 million as a result of reduced energy and maintenance costs.

The trend of converting to LED lighting is growing vastly popular. Namely because the benefits of LED technology include things like a lower total cost of ownership, energy cost savings, near zero maintenance, cleaner light, no hazardous materials, reduced light pollution, and a reduced carbon footprint.

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