LEDs: To Infinity and Beyond

LEDs in SpaceIf something’s good enough for NASA, isn’t it good enough for you, too? I mean, if something can withstand the demands of space travel, it should stand to reason that it will thrive in your home. Well, then, it’s time to start the countdown for LEDs.

NASA recently announced its intention to partner with an LED manufacturer to work on implementing LED technology into the space program, specifically developing a “high illumination and good color rendering LED light fixture for space exploration.”

LED lighting is a perfect solution for space explorationbecause of its ability to function in extreme temperatures and its bright white and variable light,” said Daniel C. Shultz, of the John F. Kennedy Space Center. “Any multipurpose light source used on spacecraft will also need to exhibit long life and excellent color rendering — important for our astronauts’ ability to see and to be aware of unknown surroundings.”

According to the press release, the two organziations will develop a lighting fixture prototype that will meet the unique demands of space equipment and space travel including control, vibration, off-gassing, electromagnetic interference and other spacecraft issues. With a life of up to 50,000 hours, LEDs require only infrequent maintenance, which is ideal for space exploration.

Cool, right? Thankfully, the technology NASA wants for its spaceships is available for you to own today. Guess where you can find it.

[photo: Public Domain]

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