LEDs Soar to New Heights

VolarisGiven the rising popularity of LEDs, it comes as no surprise that the innovative technology will soon soar through the skies. Volaris, a “high-efficiency airline” based out of Mexico, recently announced it will be converting its wingtip lights to LEDs. The upgrade will serve to decrease costs while increasing the overall safety of the planes.

According to Volaris executives, the upgrade will save operators in downtime and maintenance, since the lifespan increases from 500 hours to 20,000 hours with LED.

The new LED technology is projected to last nearly 40 times longer than the halogen bulbs Volaris is currently using.  Additionally, the LED lights will not necessitate any aircraft modification nor will they add weight to the planes. As such, Volaris is scheduled to begin the wingtip lighting switch sometime this month on nearly its entire fleet of Airbus A320 aircraft. Reportedly, in 2010, LED lighting will be standard on new production of Airbus A320 aircraft.

Currently, Volaris owns and operates 21 planes from the Airbus A320 family. Volaris boasts the youngest and most modern fleet in Mexico, reaching 21 airports and 38 routes across the country plus two international routes.

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[photo: Gorski]

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