LEDs Give Light to Wallpaper

It would seem that LED technology is, again, evolving to greater extremes. I recently heard about a British company that is currently designing an LED-based wallpaper. Yes, I just said wallpaper.

Apparently, the wallpaper uses a chemical coating that glows, lighting up a room like natural sunlight would. The coating somehow utilizes organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), so the wallpaper comes with all the energy saving and efficiency LEDs bring. Interestingly, an electrical current will run through the wallpaper, but it is reportedly safe to touch.

The development of OLEDs hasn’t quite reached popularity yet largely due to the fact that they are traditionally short-lived. The UK company believes, however, that it has found a way to extend the lifespan of OLEDs beyond that of fluorescent lights.

Consequently, the company was just awarded $720,000 by the UK’s government-based nonprofit, the Carbon Trust, in order to continue researching and developing the new LED technology which is projected to enter the marketplace in 2012, conveniently, just in time for the United States’ nationwide ban of incandescent bulbs.

LED technology is truly doing some amazing things. For more information concerning the advances of LEDs around the world, check out our LEDs News section.

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