LEDs fight skin cancer

It’s true. Not only are LEDs good for the environment and your energy bill, now they kill cancer too. Earlier this month, British scientists unveiled a new technology utilizing light-emitting diodes (LEDs) shown to kill cancerous skin cells, reports a UK news source. A strip of plastic is embedded with LEDs that use high-intensity red light to kill malignant tumors. Combined with a cream applied beforehand, the light creates a chemical reaction that attacks cancer cells. The cream, called Aminolaevulinic Acid, penetrates the skin, attaches to cancer cells, and renders them highly-sensitive to light.

Currently, patients are laying in hospitals for up to six hours under high-intensity lasers and lamps. This new innovation would open new doors of convenience for skin cancer patients. Additionally, initial tests are proving effective, in one instance, the light having disposed of cancer cells in 30 minutes

The new treatment is expected to be more cost effective than current light treatments for skin cancer.

Clinical trials are expected to begin within the next few months, and an approved treatment within two years time. While this new LED technology sounds promising, some caution the high expectations placed on the new treatment. Experts say that, typically, phototherapy involves long periods of being exposed to LED light. So, it would seem, a 30-minute treatment session is unlikely. Still, continued progess is always a good sign of better things to come.

[photo: SWNS]

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