LEDs bring AT&T and GE together

AT&T drew attention last week to its re-branding efforts — with the help of LEDs, of course. As a part of its re-branding initiative, AT&T developed a new logo — which meant the company needed to replace its more than 7,000 signs displayed on its offices and retail locations across the nation — and their new medium of choice was the LED.

Partnering with GE and using one of its LED light designs, AT&T used approximately 2.6 million LEDs to replace both the high-voltage, high-maintenance neon that is often used in small-building signs and less-efficient linear fluorescent lighting, which performs less favorably than LEDs in cold climates. AT&T is expected to save more than 5.8 million killowatt hours worth of electricity, which AT&T reports is roughly the equivalent of planting 950 acres of trees.

AT&T is just one of many companies who are grasping the superiority of LED technology — not only are LEDs better for the environment, but for the bottom line as well. Check out these other institutions and professions ruling in favor of the LED:

  • Wal-Mart goes green with new parking lot LED lights.
  • Surgeons are finding new ways of lighting up surgery with LED headlamps.
  • The Dallas Cowboys install one of the world’s largest LED HD screens in their stadium.
  • The USDA is using LED technology for improving the quality of our food.
While some of these professionals are just now catching on to the LED, outdoor adventurers and enthusiasts have been enjoying the reliability and quality of LED technology for quite some time.
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