LEDs 2009: Year-in-Review

The year has been a good one for LED technology — from new innovations to adopted policies — 2009 has been a banner year for the light-emitting diode. Take a look at the following list of achievements for LEDs.

LED Wallpaper — It’s exactly what you think it is.

LED Christmas — LEDs become the light of choice for the holiday season.

LEDs in Space – NASA takes LEDs to infinity and beyond.

LED Coffee — Starbucks goes even greener.

LED-Mart — Wal-Mart introduces stores to the LED.

LED France — A famous Paris monument receives the LED treatment.

Ban the Bulb — Europe bans the incandescent bulb.

U2 LEDs — The legendary band makes history with LEDs.

LEDs Win Emmy — It’s true. Read about it here.

Presidential Recognition — LEDs get special attention from POTUS.

ER LEDs – Surgeons turn to LED technology.

To LED or Not to LED — Shakespeare’s plays utilize camouflaged LEDs.

LEDs in Big D — The Dallas Cowboys set a new standard for entertainment.

LED Lettuce — Innovations in produce maintenance.

LEDs fight Cancer — A truly remarkable and life-changing innovation.

National Geographic LEDs — Check out this feature article in the acclaimed magazine.

LED Dubai — The city goes crazy with LED projects.

Superbowl LED — LEDs spruce up the Superbowl hype.

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