Make the Holidays Greener with LED Lights

Xmas TreeDeck the halls with boughs of holly! Like many Christmas songs, this ditty is outdated. Who actually decorates with live holly anymore? Then again, many people still light up their homes with incandescent holiday lights – even though they’re energy hogs that are notorious for blowing fuses. For a greener holiday season, we suggest switching to LED lights, which use 80 percent less energy than standard bulbs. Advantages of LED holiday lights include:

More shatter resistant.The average LED light cover is made of plastic – not glass, as traditional holiday bulbs are. Moreover, because LEDs are so small, they are less likely to shatter.

Lower energy bills. Do you dread opening your energy bill come January? If so, you should know that switching to LED lights for your holiday decorations can significantly cut your energy expenditure for the month of December.

Longer warranty. LED lights may have a larger up-front price tag, but they will save you money in the long term, both thanks to energy savings and due to the fact that you won’t have to replace your lights every other year. Most LED lights come with a three- to five-year warranty. And compared to traditional mini-lights, LED lights last 10 times longer.

How to Recycle Old Holiday Lights

Convinced you should make the switch to LED bulbs? If so, remember to recycle your old lights. Home Depot has a recycling program, and they’ll even give you a $3 discount off of a new string of lights (for up to five light strands).

With your cozy home lit beautifully with earth-friendly LED light, we’re betting your holidays will indeed be merry and bright.


[ Photo by: celesteh, via CC License ]

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