LED Lights & Halloween, Part Two: House Decorations

Personal LED lanterns are a great way to light a walkway or garden path.

Personal LED lanterns are a great way to light a walkway or garden path.

Maybe you’re looking to spookify your house for the rest of the month. Maybe you’re planning on throwing a killer Halloween party. Maybe you’re hosting a scary haunted house. Whatever your reasoning, you’re probably planning on decorating your house for Halloween this year. Every year, thousands of people across the country vow to turn their homes into the creepiest, crawliest, scariest house on the block. So what will separate your house from all the other ghoulish dens this year? You guessed it – LED lights!  Here are some great tips for using LEDs for Halloween decorating:

Walkways – A scary, uninviting house may fit with the Halloween spirit , but if you want to attract any trick-or-treaters you will needto have your walkway and entrance well-lit. LED lights make the perfect walkway lights for Halloween. These small, powerful and adjustable lights can be strategically placed around your walkway or yard to provide adequate light without losing your house’s spook-factor.

Strobe Effects – Get funky fresh with a multi-colored LED strobe light this Halloween. LED lights can lend a cool, creepy feel to any haunted house or Halloween party. Combine a strobe-setting LED light with dry ice for a spooky smoke effect.

Multi-Color Pumpkins – Candles are old news, folks. More and more people are using colored LED bulbs to create an interesting, eye-catching pumpkin creation. Did you carve your pumpkin to look like a moon? Try a yellow bulb! How about an alien? Try a green bulb. The possibilities are endless!

Who would’ve thought that LED bulbs and Halloween would go so well together? (Answer: We did.) Tune in next week when we’ll look more in-depth at LED bulbs and Halloween safety.
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