LED Lights & Halloween: Part 3 – Safety

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TX7 LED Flashlight

Halloween is only a few days away, and if you think you’ve exhausted all the ways you can use LED lights for Halloween purposes, you’re wrong. Walking dead wrong (get it?). There’s still one way to incorporate LEDs into the Halloween spirit (get it?), and it’s an important one. That’s right – trick-or-treating safety lights!

Yes, LEDs make perfect safety lights for youngsters as they trick-or-treat. They are small, powerful and versatile enough to work into any costume idea without seeming out of place. Here are a few ways to incorporate LED safety lights into your child’s costume to keep them safe and looking good.

Candy Bucket
A child’s candy bucket, bag or pillowcase is a great place to put a LED safety light. Clip-on LEDs make great safety lights because they are powerful, meaning drivers will be able to see your child in the dark, and they last a really, really long time. If the bucket or bag is translucent, try clipping the light to the inside for a spooky glowing effect.

Securely attaching an LED safety light to your child’s shoes is a great idea for a number of reasons. First: The light is visible to drivers and such without distracting from the child’s costume. Second: Having it on the shoe means your child doesn’t have to bother holding it or hanging it from his or her costume. Three: Remember LA Lights? Yeah, those were COOL.

Another way of keeping your kid safely lit is to work the LED lights into the costume itself. With a little creativity and some DIY skills, you can work small LED safety lights into most costumes. Is your little girl going as a fairy princess? Add a light to the tip of her wand. Have any kids going as robots? Make a blinking, flashing control panel. This way your child will have the safety he or she needs and not even realize it.

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