LEDs and Fashion: Target Says “Yes!”

Who would’ve thought that high fashion and LED lights could go hand in hand? Why, Target, that’s who!

On August 18, Target hosted an opening party for its East Harlem store at the Standard Hotel, creating a giant exterior facade they used to preview its fall clothing collection. So what was the highlight of the show? Was it the clothes? The music? Of course not. It was the lighting.

The show was called the “Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular” and featured an impressive light show synchronized to original music from composer Sam Spiegel. The light display used 156 LED lights to illuminate the 66 dancers positioned in hotel windows. The whole production required taking over 155 hotel rooms, and the lights were designed to represent a number of different branding images; rain, a leafy branch, a 14-story-high dancing man, and, of course, Target’s bull’s-eye symbol. The dancers trained for nine days before stepping onto the platform, and the whole event was streamed live to Target’s Facebook page.

You may not have the resources to create an LED light display as large as the one Target put on, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use LEDs to make interesting and fun light-art in your own home. Try using multi-colored LED bulbs to light a boring room. You’d be surprised at how much life a red or blue LED bulb can give to an otherwise dull, blank wall. Another option is to use flashing LED bulbs for dance parties or spooky Halloween events. Colored LED bulbs can also be used outdoors – try replacing your boring incandescent porch bulb with a fun and festive colored LED. It may not be as exciting as Target’s display, but it will be much more fun than your neighbor’s porch!

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