LED Lighting News: A Look at the Veterans Lighting Initiative

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For those of us in the LED industry, the transition from incandescent lighting to more energy-efficient bulbs seems to be plodding along at a turtle’s pace. As of January 2012, just 6 percent of lights in the United States have been converted to LED lights. Fortunately, a veteran-friendly initiative is working to change all that – while benefiting America’s veterans in the process.

Vet LED is a Florida-based company led by CEO Randy M. Durst. A Vietnam veteran himself, Mr. Durst aims to create thousands of jobs for American veterans. Well aware of the difficulty many veterans face in finding a stateside job following deployment, he came up with the idea to pair American Vets with American-made LEDs.

Here’s the idea: Vet LEDs handles all aspects of switching over to LED bulbs. After a company signs up to be a Veterans Lighting Initiative partner (by emailing info@vetsleds.com or calling 561-965-5258), a Vet LEDs representative will visit the company’s facility to conduct a lighting inventory. (As you’ve probably guessed by now, Vet LED is staffed entirely by veterans.) A thorough review of the firm’s current lighting setup will provide the customer with a good idea of how much savings can be realized over time with LED bulbs. For instance, the Vet LEDs rep will figure out how many lights there are, of what wattage, and how long each of those bulbs is turned on during the business day. These and other elements are considered, and Vet LEDs provides the customer with a proposal for installing LED lights. Vet LEDs has the experience and expertise to assist customers in obtaining efficiency program rebates, and they’ll even work with the customer and the manufacturer to resolve any problems post-installation.

We are thrilled that this veteran-owned, veteran-staffed company is accelerating the nation’s adoption of energy-efficient lighting – while benefiting those who have valiantly served our country.


[ Photo by: trazomfreak, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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