LED Manufacturer Nichia Provides Proven Quality

The simple facts are that LED lights are more powerful than the average incandescent lights and they last longer. Not all LED light manufacturers are equal, however. To maximize the benefits of a LED flashlight, headlamp or other light, make sure to stick to the top of the line brands that use the best LED light bulbs available.  Of all the LED light manufacturers out there, one of the very best is Nichia.

Nichia is a true innovator in the field of light technology that has produced a number of high quality LED light bulbs for a variety of uses, including its new high powered UV LED NCSU034A. Nichia is no fly by night company.  It is a respected publicly traded company established in 1956 that has built over 50 years of product credibility.

COAST Portland is proud to use Nichia LED bulbs in many of its high-intensity LED light products.

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