LED Lenser H7R Headlamp

The LED Lenser H7R Headlamp from Coast.  No introduction needed.

Most headlamps this powerful will give you a headache, but the H7R is lightweight and compact, and a flip of the switch trades the long-distance laser for a flood beam. At least, that’s what Field and Stream says.

You see, unlike standard focusing headlamps, Advanced Focus System headlamps (like the H7R) combine a unique lens and reflector system to provide seamless transition from a broad flood beam to a focused spot beam. The AFS flood beam provides a broad circular beam of light that illuminates larger, close-up areas and eliminates dark spots in the center common in traditional focusing headlamps. The AFS spot beam provides a sharply focused beam that illuminates more distant areas. The focusing function is easy to use; simply move the small knob on the bottom of the light forward or back with one hand.

Light output can also be adjusted with Variable Light Output Technology (VLT). VLT allows the user to select the perfect amount of light for his or her task — lower light levels illuminate close-up areas and conserve batteries, while higher light levels illuminate areas that are further away.

Additionally, the hinged light attachment allows for proper beam angle and the adjustable strap will fit all head sizes.

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  1. Jason says:

    Is the H7R waterproof/water resistant & to what depth?

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