LED Lanterns for Hunting or Camping

The lantern remains one of the most critically important camping items one can bring into the outdoors. Whether camping while on a hunting trip or just enjoying a family vacation up the river, lanterns are one of the single best things to have with you, after adequate food and water. Lanterns provide safety by illuminating a larger area of space, ensuring a level of ownership of the campsite you have staked out and providing you with the light needed to assess the area near you for predators and the like.

Reliability of your camping or hunting lantern is key.  Safety and assurance can only be maintained so long as your lantern is in proper working order. We at Coast LED Knife Review are strong believers that in order to ensure reliability in your outdoor lighting, you must invest in an LED light.  A quality LED lantern will run on one light bulb for up to 10 years or so – no changing propane filament bags or incandescent bulbs.  The lanterns will also run for up to 107 hours continually on ONE set of batteries. This means, you have days worth of light in one purchased set of batteries.  Should an emergency take place, you can rely on a long-lasting LED lantern.  Because LED lights last a long time, quality lanterns are also built with sturdy casings and mechanics so they will last just as long as the lighting technology inside.  These kinds of details are important when hunting or camping.

Camping and hunting lanterns may seem like a simple piece of equipment but take some time to make sure you have one that will last and make your trip a safer one.

Pictured: LED Lenser TT7105 LED Lantern

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