Best Uses for an LED Lantern

LED LanternPop quiz: Where do you keep your LED lantern?

If you’re like most people, it’s probably buried under an avalanche of camping gear, waiting to be pulled out for your next foray into the great outdoors. LED Lanterns are so heavily associated with camping that people often forget they can be useful in a whole passel of other situations. Here are five reasons to pull your LED lantern out of storage and keep it handy year-round:

1. Power outages. Candlelight is great for ambience, but not so much for reading or performing other tasks around the house during a power outage. An LED lantern provides a bright pool of area light that will help banish any storm-inspired fears and keep spirits high until the electricity comes back on. Plus, LED lanterns don’t pose a fire hazard the way candles do.

2. Building a fort. Kids love forts. And if you’re honest with yourself, deep down inside, you do too. LED lanterns are perfect for lighting up your child’s private retreat; since they don’t burn hot, they won’t set the sheets on fire. Bonus!

3. Summer barbecues. When enjoying a twilit party out by the grill, the last thing you want to do is harsh the mood by turning on glaring patio lights. An LED lantern offers mellow, ambient lighting for your barbecue while still providing plenty of light for cooking and eating.

4. Working on the car. If you’ve ever had someone holding a flashlight for you while you tinker with the engine – or if you’ve ever been the one holding the flashlight – then you know it’s not a peachy situation for anyone involved. With an LED lantern, you’ve got portable, hands-free area light, which means you can let your flashlight bearer off the hook and work in peace.

5. Boating. Fire is one of a boater’s worst enemies. When hanging out on the boat at night or dawn, it’s best to choose a light source that doesn’t put your boat at risk. LED lanterns fit the bill, as they burn much cooler than incandescent lights.

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