Super Bowl Ad Redux: LED Headlights as Bright as the Sun

Did you all catch the Audi commercial that aired during Sunday’s Super Bowl? The luxury car manufacturer touted its innovative LED headlights as bright as daylight and thus vampire-killing. The LED lights used in Audi’s LED headlamps produce the closest recreation of daylight available (5500 Kelvin).

Audi first incorporated a full-LED headlight design in its R8 model in 2008 (read our original Audi R8 LED headlamp post). The LED light design is combined with features like a high-beam assistant that detects the headlights of oncoming traffic and the “rear lights of other road users and responds by varying the position and width of the LED headlights accordingly” (for more visit LED Magazine).

Audi estimates that in the first year of sales, Audi cars with LED headlamps reduced the overall emissions of C02 by 25,000 tons. In cars as in all other lighting applications, LED headlights are much more energy efficient.

What did you think of the video? <embedded commercial>

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