Home Repair 101: Why a Headlamp Belongs in Your Toolkit

LED Headlamps

LED Headlamps

Phillip’s head screwdriver? Check. Hammer? Of course. Measurement tape? Certainly. But mention that someone should include an LED headlamp in a home maintenance toolkit, and you might receive a surprised look in reply.

Many people fail to recognize the value of placing an LED headlamp in one’s home repair. The utility of an LED headlamp is simple: It delivers pure, dependable light that leaves one’s hands free to work. Wearing an LED headlamp is much easier than trying to grip a flashlight between your teeth or asking a family member to hold the flashlight for you. And because LED bulbs are long-lasting and extremely energy- efficient, you probably won’t have to change out your flashlight batteries as often as you would with an incandescent model.

To convince the average American homeowner to add an LED headlamp to his or her trusty toolkit, the following is a list of home repair tasks that are much easier with a head-mounted LED torch.

1. Fixing a clogged sink.

Were Dante around today, he’d probably make space for this abhorrent task in the nine circles of hell. Imagine this: You’re lying in the cave under the sink. Your back is soaking in unidentified muck, water randomly squirts into your eyes, and your arms are burning from trying to work a wrench and a screwdriver into the guts of your sink’s drainage system. Do you really want to figure out how to throw a hand-held flashlight into this mix? Certainly not. An LED headlamp delivers light exactly where you need it while leaving your hands free to finally disassemble the plumbing and eliminate that nasty clog.

2. Clearing stopped-up gutters during a storm.

Again, this bone-chilling task is only made more difficult if you’re chained to a flashlight. An LED headlamp makes it much easier to see what the heck you’re doing on a dark winter’s night, when relentless rain is sending water flooding into your basement because you failed to clear out the gutters earlier in the year. Perched on a step ladder, pelted with rain while your fingers plunge into sopping leaf detritus – no one wants to be in this situation longer than absolutely necessary. As with many home maintenance tasks, an LED headlamp makes it much easier to clear out your gutters in an emergency storm situation.

3. Checking on pipes following a hard freeze.

Only in the last decade or so has it become trendy to showcase the inner workings of a home’s plumbing and electrical system. This Brechtian approach was unknown in earlier decades of home design, and chances are your pipes are hidden in your crawl space, or behind walls. Knowing that water tends to expands as it freezes, responsible homeowners must annually insulate their vulnerable pipes before deep winter. Doing so can prevent costly plumbing repairs down the road. An LED headlamp makes it easy to check on the pipes during frigid conditions. Here’s why an LED headlamp is pure genius in this circumstance: The light turns with your head, so your line of sight is always illuminated.

4. Adding new lighting fixtures or electrical components.

So you finally got that fancy alarm system. Guess what? Installing it requires you to run a cable through the crawl space. Better grab the LED headlamp – otherwise you’ll have to juggle a flashlight  along with the installation instructions and cables.

5. Fixing a leaky faucet.

Again, most plumbing tasks are complemented by an LED headlamp. You’ll appreciate pure, white light right where you need it while you replace that weakened gasket and eradicate the leak.

6. Checking on the furnace.

Basements are rarely well-lit. Wearing an LED headlamp while you check on your furnace makes for a more reliable read-out.

7. Looking out for pest infestations.

Pests tend to congregate in warm, moist, dark areas. While checking for pest infestations in your dim crawl space or attic, we’re betting you want full control of your hands – the better to immediately swipe away any lingering exoskeleton-bearing creepy crawlies. Better wear an LED headlamp to leave your hands free.

8. Shutting off the water, flipping circuit switches and other emergency tasks.

When the electricity is out, family heroes are born. Resetting electrical circuits and turning off water valves is easier when your hands are free. Wear an LED headlamp with pride as you protect your family’s greatest asset – your home.

9. Deep-cleaning or organizing closets and other storage areas.

It’s always frustrating to realize just how much junk you’ve accumulated in your time on earth. Having an LED headlamp to light your way might just help diminish your organization-spurred self-loathing.

10. Changing out light bulbs.

How many LED headlamps does it take to quickly, effortlessly change out a tricky light bulb? Just one.

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