Why We’re Thankful for Our LED Flashlights

HP21 LED FlashlightWith the holidays approaching, it’s a common time of year to focus on gratitude. There are so many things in our lives that make them easier, more efficient and safer.  One of our favorites is our high-quality line of LED flashlights, which bring comfort and illumination to people all over the globe.

Sure, we may not be bringing about world peace or ending hunger, but LED flashlights are making the world a better place. We’re thankful that the LED flashlight is replacing traditional flashlight models, for several reasons:

LED flashlights help the planet. LED flashlights are much more energy efficient than traditional flashlights, using fewer watts to produce even more light. This means fewer batteries used and less waste produced over the lifetime of the flashlight.

LED flashlights are brighter. By harnessing the power of LED technology, a high-quality LED flashlight can produce a jaw-dropping amount of illumination. Take our HP21 flashlight, for example; it emits 1,317 lumens – far more than most traditional models on the market – and can light objects from a distance of more than 800 feet.

LED flashlights are more durable. Traditional flashlight bulbs have filaments that can break if the torch is dropped or banged around. The bulb in an LED flashlight, however, is much more durable, so it can take a lot of abuse on the trail or in an emergency. Heck, you can run a car over one of our LED flashlights, and it will keep on shining!

Being thankful means appreciating the small things as well as the large. As we count our blessings this Thanksgiving, the widespread availability of LED flashlights will definitely make our list!

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