6 Gifts Your Outdoorsman Can Never Have Enough Of

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Men can be hard to shop for, particularly outdoorsmen. There are many different gift options to choose from, but it can be difficult to know what items an individual already has. Luckily, there are a handful of items that an outdoorsman will never say he has enough of, such as a hunting knife. When you need to purchase a gift for an outdoorsman and are stumped on what to get, you can always fall back on one of these endlessly useful items.

1. LED Flashlight

If there’s one item your outdoorsman should never venture outdoors without, it’s an LED flashlight. An LED flashlight can come in handy in any number of situations, from camping to hiking a little longer than expected to waiting for the fish to bite in the wee hours of the morning. Because flashlights are so universally useful, it’s a good idea to have several on hand, stashed wherever they may be needed, so your outdoorsman doesn’t have to worry about packing one every time he steps outside. A true outdoor enthusiast may choose to stash one LED flashlight with the camping gear, stick one in the glove compartment in case of an auto emergency and keep one perennially tucked into a pocket of his favorite hunting vest.

There are also many different types of LED flashlights, some of which may perform better than others for certain situations. For example, a brighter flashlight is desirable for traipsing through the woods at night, but in a wilderness emergency it might be preferable to have an LED flashlight that’s dimmer but has a longer battery run time. There are also multi-colored flashlights that emit colors ranging from red, which illuminates an area without disrupting night vision, to green, which is often used by anglers to avoid spooking fish.

2. Multi-Tool

Outdoorsmen generally like to keep a multi-tool handy at all times, so they’ll stash one wherever they can – in a glove box, tool kit, hunting kit, with the camping gear, in a kitchen drawer, jacket pocket, tool belt, nightstand, fishing vest and so on. Moreover, there are so many multi-tool varieties with different gadgets on them that it’s good for an outdoorsman to have a few options from which to choose.

3. Hunting Knife

There is no such thing as having too many hunting knives. As with multi-tools, there are many different hunting knife sizes and types with specific functions. In addition to a hunting knife with a folding blade, there are knives an outdoorsman can use for skinning, fishing, preparing food or to just to keep in a back pocket.

4. Headlamp

Outdoorsmen have no more than two hands, so it can be tricky to handle game, an LED flashlight and a hunting knife or other equipment all at once. A headlamp allows an outdoorsman to see well in low-light conditions, while keeping his hands free. Like an LED flashlight, headlamps come in different colors and light intensities to suit the needs of the user. Giving an outdoorsman a headlamp is like giving him an extra arm.

5. LED Lantern

An LED flashlight or headlamp will not provide sufficient illumination for post-gaming activities. LED lanterns are safer and brighter than those that use flames – plus they last longer. LED lanterns are safe enough to use in a tent without posing a fire hazard, and any outdoorsman can make use of multiple lanterns throughout a campsite.

6. Batteries

With all of the high-tech gear outdoorsmen use, they are sure to go through their fair share of batteries. Consider the electronic equipment your outdoorsman may use or the gift you are purchasing, and get him some extra batteries. Electronic equipment an outdoorsman may use includes a battery-powered radio, walkie-talkie, LED flashlight, headlamp, LED lantern, electronic insect repellant, digital camera, hearing aids and video cameras. You can even purchase a battery-powered cell phone charger. If you purchase rechargeable batteries, remember to include a battery charger.

When you purchase an item an outdoorsman can never have enough of, you are not adding more stuff to his collection. You are helping him be extra prepared.

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