COAST Product Super Bowl Match-Ups: HP5 vs. HP14 LED Flashlights

LED Flashlight Matchup: HP14 vs HP5In honor of the Super Bowl, we’ve decided to pit some of our top LED flashlight models against each other to see how they compare. Today’s Coast Super Bowl matchup will be between the HP5 and the HP14 LED flashlights.

Power and Strength

Both of these high-performance LED flashlights come fully loaded, with much to offer in terms of durability (both are encased in aluminum), reliability and battery run time. However, they also differ in some key respects. For starters, here’s a brief breakdown of the basic stats for each of these LED flashlights:



Output in Lumens (high/low): 121/41 339/56
Run Time (high/low): 4.5/6 hrs 4.75/20 hrs
Beam Distance (high/low): 255/150 ft 574/118 ft
Weight (with batteries): 3 oz 14.2 oz

When it comes to overall power, the clear winner is the HP14. Not only does it have almost triple the lumen output of the HP5 LED flashlight on its brightest setting, but it also features a much greater range between its high and low beam distances – which means it can transition from a bright floodlight to an intense, narrowly focused beam that penetrates more than twice as far as the HP5. This is also the sign of a truly superior optics system. As a clincher, the HP14 LED flashlight boasts a much longer battery life on its lowest setting. Clearly, the HP14 easily wins the matchup for durability and long-term use.

Halftime score: HP14 (35) – HP5 (3)

Speed and Flexibility

The overall power and stamina of the HP14 LED flashlight dominated the HP5 during the first half. However, the HP5 turns to its running game and puts some points on the board in the second half. When it comes to speed and flexibility, the HP5 outpaces the HP14. First off, the HP5 is almost 5 times lighter than the HP14. Less weight equates to fewer pounds in the backpack and more maneuverability overall.

Additionally, the HP5 LED flashlight wins out when it comes to battery usage, despite its shorter run time. This is simply because the HP14 takes four AA batteries whereas the HP5 uses just a single AA battery. This means you will eventually pay more for the HP14’s power and run time – not to mention having to carry a lot more extra batteries in your pack – which may not be what you need, depending on your flashlight needs and budget.

Final Score: HP14 (56) – HP5 (24)

In conclusion, the HP14 wins the match due to the fact that it has more raw power than the HP5. But remember: If speed and flexibility are your goal – or if you are just looking for a high quality, simple, all-purpose LED flashlight – the HP5 is still an excellent option!

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