Light Artist Paints with COAST Flashlights

Camera Lens There are many different ways to use an LED flashlight, but here’s one we bet you haven’t thought of: painting.

Light painting is a type of photography that combines the use of light sources with long shutter speeds, creating dazzling visual effects you’d swear were Photoshopped – but they aren’t. Although light painting has been used by photographers since 1935, this technique has seen an explosion in popularity over the last few years.

Some of our favorite photo-paintings were created by the talented, up-and-coming light painter Jason D. Page of Palm Beach, Fla. In fact, we like his work so much we decided to sponsor him; COAST is proud to provide Jason with the LED flashlights and other gear he needs to create his art.

Jason discovered light painting in 2004, when he accidentally bumped his camera while taking a long-exposure photograph of the moon over the ocean. When he looked at the photo and saw that the moon had made a streak across the sky, he realized he could use the moonlight to “draw” a picture with his camera. He’s been a light painter ever since.

Jason is also an accomplished cinematographer and has made several award-winning action sports films. He has worked with The Discovery Channel, The Weather Channel, PBS and MTV. Today, he also runs the website, where he posts news and information about light painting in an effort to help the art form grow.

“My hope is that my work will inspire the viewer’s faith, imagination, and creativity,” he says about his light paintings. “When someone witnesses one of my images I want them to imagine they are there, seeing an actual event taking place before their very eyes.”

We’re excited to see where Jason’s career takes him – and what new, innovative ways he finds to paint with our LED flashlights!


[ Photo by: potzuyoko, via CC License ]

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