LED Flashlights for Automotive Technicians

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For automotive mechanics, an LED light is a must-have tool. LED flashlights and headlamps allow car experts to peer deep into engine blocks. Sometimes, a strong, far-reaching beam is needed to diagnose a problem inside the engine. At other times, more scattered LED light is required, for seeing the bigger mechanical picture. Beyond these needs, mechanics’ flashlights should be tough (look for a strong warranty, such as our lifetime guarantee), waterproof (engine liquids are not kind to cheapo torches) and ergonomic.

One more crucial characteristic: Run time. Any flashlight provides only a half hour of performance on one set of batteries will soon be relegated to an auto shop’s junk pile. The ideal setup is a rechargeable flashlight that can be juiced up at the end of each workday. Or, even better, find a system that allows you to switch out one rechargeable battery for another, so that you’re never without usable light.

With all that in mind, we present the following COAST LED flashlights as wonderful choices for mechanics—whether you’re shopping for yourself, or for a gift for your favorite lug nut.

LED Flashlights for Automotive Technicians

A25R Rechargeable LED Flashlight. This compact, stainless steel beauty is easy to clean and easy to charge. Repower the included lithium battery via AC (wall outlet) DC (in your car) or even USB (in your computer or phone). We even include a second battery, so you already have a backup ready to go. And if neither lithium battery is available, the A25R may also be powered with four standard AAA batteries. The A25R runs for seven and a half hours on one battery charge. Its 466 lumen output and sophisticated Pure Beam Focusing Optic system is ideal for those in the automotive repair field.

A22R Rechargeable LED Flashlight. The A22R is a lighter, nimbler version of the A25R. Like the A25R, the A22R rechargeable flashlight can be recharged via USB, AC, DC, and batteries. It also boasts the slide-adjusted Pure beam Focusing System, the slide control may be locked into a place—perfect for delicate repair situations, when you don’t want a slight tap throwing off your field of vision. The A22R emits 241 lumens of light, at a maximum distance of 370 feet.

TX7 Inspection Flex Light. For hands-free operation, we recommend the TX7 Inspection light. It can be attached to any surface via a magnetic base, or by using the spring-loaded clip. With the base secured, you can adjust the 3” flexible neck to aim light exactly where it’s needed. Weighing in at less than one ounce, the TX7 is light enough to clip to the bill of your hat, so it’s always handy.

A9R Rechargeable Penlight. This sleek, tough inspection light is svelte enough to tuck into your shirt pocket; a clip will keep it in place. The A9R may be recharged via AC, DC, or USB power sources. A lithium polymer battery (included) is a fourth power option. Both the A9R and the TX7 make great LED lights for automotive technician managers, who look for lightweight torches that can provide a bright, powerful beam sporadically, so as to check the work of staffers.

These four LED flashlights brag everything a grease monkey is looking for in a torch: flawless performance, impressive brightness, versatility, and durability.

[ Photo by: Bob n Renee, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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