How to Use Your LED Flashlight for Self-Defense (from Monsters)

Halloween is coming up, and there isn’t a better time of year for monsters. One of the scariest things about monsters is that they seem invincible – they’re hard to kill and even harder to defend against.

As you stock up on stakes, silver bullets and chainsaws (never underestimate the power of a chainsaw), don’t forget to include a few LED flashlights and a headlamp in your monster-fighting kit. Not only is an LED flashlight critical for helping you find your way in the dark, but it can actually help improve your defense against all manner of menacing creatures

Your first instinct may be to throw your LED flashlight at your attacker, but this is a bad idea, as it could leave you lost in the dark and unsure which way to run. So what can you do? Well, that depends on the type of monster you’re facing.


No stake? No problem! Simply shine your brightest UV LED flashlight on any attacking vampire and slowly back away to a secure location. Ultraviolet light mimics the rays of the sun, and we all know how vampires react to sunlight. The more LED flashlights you can train on your fanged assailant, the better, so make sure all of your friends have them.


Certain metals are known for their ability to ward off evil spirits. For werewolves, it’s silver. This means you’ll need a silver throwing knife, silver-tipped arrows or silver bullets. What most people don’t think about, however, is that the hardest part of killing a werewolf is hitting it in the brain or heart – anywhere else won’t slow it down. And frankly, the light of the full moon isn’t always enough light to help you aim accurately. Your strongest and brightest LED flashlight, however, can not only help you see where to aim, but it can stun the werewolf just long enough for you to get a good shot in. Make it count!


Zombies, like most undead, tend to avoid bright light. However, they will attack if they spot you, regardless of the level of illumination, so you’ll need to act fast. Blind them temporarily with a blast of light from your headlamp, then beat them back with the end of your tactical LED flashlight and make a run for it!


Mummies are even slower than zombies. The best thing you can do if you encounter a mummy while rummaging through an ancient tomb is run. Topple over large objects on your way to slow the mummy down in its pursuit. Make sure to you have your headlamp securely fastened so you can far enough ahead in front of you.

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