How COAST is Continually Innovating Its LED Flashlight Technology

RBG LEDAs the LED flashlight market continues to grow, the disparity between high-quality and low-end models is widening. When it comes to finding a cutting-edge LED flashlight, savvy consumers these days look for LED innovation, including new features developed through quality research and design.

We’re an industry leader in LED innovation, combining superior optics with other innovative technology to help improve the performance of every LED flashlight we produce. Here’s a look at some of the new design features you’ll see on COAST flashlights:

Pure Beam Focus. The name says it all: Our Pure Beam Focusing Optic System creates a more accurate and solid beam consistency as you switch from spot to flood, eliminating the dark rings that plague lower-quality focusing flashlights. An optics system is key to harnessing the full power and capabilities of LED flashlight bulbs.

Fingertip Speed Focus Control. This LED innovation gives the user the ability to quickly adjust the beam size and focus on our LED flashlights and headlamps. With the touch of a fingertip, you can easily and quickly find the beam size you need. This makes our flashlights easy to use even in extreme conditions.

Beam Lock System. This feature allows you to instantly lock your beam focus at the setting you choose, with just a slight twist of the bezel. This allows you achieve precision focus for the task at hand.

Cyclone Heat Sink. A significant LED innovation we’ve pioneered is our Cyclone Heat Sink system, which efficiently disperses the latent heat that LED flashlight bulbs generate. The better the heat sink, the brighter and longer lasting the bulbs will be.

Last, but not least, all COAST products are built with high-quality materials and tested thoroughly before they hit the shelves. That’s we why offer a lifetime guarantee.

[ Photo by: PiccoloNamek on Wikimedia Commons, via CC License ]

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