How to Say Happy Valentine’s Day to Your Outdoor Enthusiast

Multi-Tool LoveJust because Valentine’s Day occurs during the heart of the winter season doesn’t mean you can’t start looking forward to hiking and camping again when those warmer spring and summer days return. Indeed, in some parts of the world, Valentine’s Day is considered the first sign of spring.

This year, consider some helpful gadgets for your outdoor-loving significant other – such as an LED flashlight, folding knives or multi-tools. An LED flashlight may not sound like a romantic gift, but keep in mind that the gesture is a way of honoring your loved one’s hobby and letting him or her know you understand how important it is.

The key to any good Valentine’s Day gift is to add your own creative touch. Generally, this can come in the form of a handwritten letter, card or special wrapping. Be creative, and come up with some good phrases that coincide with your gift. Below, we have provided a number of example phrases – some funny, some just downright cheesy. Let us know what you think, or share some of your own.

  • You light up my life; I hope this LED flashlight will light up yours.
  • When you came into my life, you brought light to the deepest regions of my heart, like an LED flashlight in the middle of a dark cave.
  • I hope these multi-tools can help repair a broken heart. Please forgive me.
  • When we go on our outdoor adventures, I often think of us as a pair of folding knives, always attached and powerful as one whole.
  • I bought us a pair of folding knives. That way, when the Zombie Apocalypse happens, we can go out together, as true lovers.
  • If anything ever happened to you, I would be devastated. Use these folding knives for survival and emergency purposes when you are out on the trail.
  • How about we get under the covers and play LED flashlight tag?
  • I wanted to get you something that is helpful in many ways, just as you have been to me. These multi-tools have many uses, just as my love for you takes on many forms.
  • I bought us a pair of multi-tools; they express the complexity and utility of our love.

Have a happy Valentine’s Day!

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