The COAST Report Card: How We Did in the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Reporter

Home inspectors use LED flashlights on a regular basis as part of their home inspection routine.  It’s not surprising, then, that the American Society of Home Inspectors recently published its “Flashlight Shootout 2012,” an in-depth review of several high-end LED flashlights – including three of our flashlights and one of our headlamps. We’re happy to say the rugged construction, brightness and focusing capabilities of our LED flashlights received high marks.

Each LED flashlight was rated based on the same set of criteria: battery life and efficiency; brightness over 200 lumens; handling ability; and light color. Here’s a snapshot of how our LED flashlights fared:

HP7 LED Flashlight TitaniumHP7

With a 251-lumen output a highly durable and weather-resistant casing, and an easy focus setting, the HP7 made a good impression. As the reviewer remarked, “It looks like you could drop it from the roof to a driveway and it wouldn’t miss a beat.” Our proprietary Fingertip Speed Focus Control with Beam Lock was also noted for its “easy slide focus that locks with a twist.” We’d like to add that for the price, this LED flashlight offers outstanding value.

HP14 LED FlashlightHP14

This LED flashlight is about twice the size of the HP7 and provides 339 lumens. According to the reviewer, the HP14 offers “a lot more power” than a competing brand’s model of similar size.

HP21 LED FlashlightHP21

The American Society of Home Inspectors report called the HP21 “the king of high performance flashlights in terms of construction, size and brightness.” Indeed, this LED flashlight has an output of 1317 lumens! Switching between beam and spot mode is a simple, and the beam distance reaches about 850 feet on a high setting.

HL7 LED HeadlampHL7

The Coast HL7 headlamp was also reviewed, and it was praised for its large power switch as well as the dimmer located on the battery pack. “If you use a headlamp for inspections, this is the light to have,” the reviewer noted.

The biggest complaint about our LED flashlights was our lack of rechargeable models – which is understandable for professionals who use them every day. Fortunately, we’ve got plans to fulfill this request later this year!

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