New HP2 and HP3 Lights now in Stock

COAST's HP2 and HP3 LED FlashlightsFor technicians and repair professionals, a well-designed LED flashlight can boost productivity and comfort on the job. Many such experts abhor spending too much time rattling around in their toolboxes, looking for the best LED light. When you must be able to see into dark, dusty, cramped spaces in order to make repairs, achieving the right brightness, beam focus and run time is crucial.

Our new HP2 and HP3 lights make it easy to adjust these variables on the fly, making them ideal for handy men and women everywhere. Indeed, with an HP2 or HP3 flashlight, most technicians will only need to use a single light when on the job – talk about easy! These new LED flashlight models are now in stock and available for purchase. Let’s look a little more closely at each LED light:

HP2 LED Flashlight

The HP2 Lumen Focusing LED Inspection Light offers 66 lumens that reach as far as 275 feet. (Such a strong beam will certainly reach into the far expanses of the next crawl space you need to examine.) This lightweight LED flashlight runs for 2 hours and 30 minutes on a single AAA battery and is compact enough, at four inches in length, to carry comfortably in your shirt pocket.

Inspectors and technicians will especially appreciate the Pure Beam™ focusing optic in the HP2. This feature allows the light to be adjusted from a floodlight to a more focused beam with a spotlight in the center. The floodlight setting is great for seeing your surroundings, while the focused Bulls-Eye Spot™ option is perfect for scouting out tucked-away pipes, electrical circuitry and so forth.

HP3 LED Flashlight

The HP3, in contrast, is longer (5.9 inches) and brighter (80 lumens) than the HP2. It runs for 2 hours on two AAA batteries. That extra juice allows the HP3 to shine up to 341 feet! This LED flashlight is strong enough to illuminate the deepest crevices of a home or business, making your inspection or repair job that much easier.

Like the HP2, the HP3 features our exclusive Pure Beam™ focusing optic, allowing you to choose between the floodlight setting for close-up work or the Bulls-Eye Spot™ for lighting up longer distances. A rubber bezel ring on both models makes it a snap to change the LED light’s focus.

Both the HP2 and the HP3 boast a no-slip pocket clip, removing the possibility that your favorite new LED light will slip out unexpectedly. (Even if your HP2 or HP3 does slip out and bounce off the floor, it will still function thanks to the unbreakable LEDs inside.) Finally, both models are covered by our lifetime guarantee against defects in workmanship and materials.

Repair experts and technicians will enjoy the power and precision of our new HP2 and HP3 LED flashlights, now in stock.

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