3 Ways Your LED Flashlight Can Protect You While Walking at Night

Headlights On Dark RoadsIt’s the holiday season, and that means there are gifts to buy, festive decorations to put up and parties to attend – some of which are sure to last well past sunset. Walking to your car or even home late in the dark can be risky; possible dangers include icy surfaces, attackers and cars full of drunk or distracted fellow partygoers.

Luckily, if you have a sturdy emergency flashlight, you can increase your chances of arriving safe and sound at your next destination – be it your car, your home or the next holiday party. Here are three ways your LED flashlight can protect you while walking at night:

1. Deter muggers. A quality LED flashlight is both bright and long-lasting. When a mugger is scoping out targets, he or she is less likely to go after a person who is surrounded by a bright radius of light from an emergency flashlight. Carrying a flashlight signals to would-be attackers that you’re aware of your surroundings, which makes you a risky mark.

2. Help cars see you. If you don’t have a flashlight or some sort of reflective material to make yourself visible to cars, you increase your risk of being hit by a vehicle. A bright LED flashlight will make it much easier for oncoming motorists to spot you. Of course, you shouldn’t rely solely on drivers spotting your flashlight and avoiding you; it’s important to remain aware and cautious of surrounding traffic while walking at night.

3. Get away from attackers. Your LED flashlight on its highest setting can help you see well into the distance; at close range, it can be positively blinding. When you’re walking in the dark, you can use this to your advantage against an attacker. Flip on your emergency flashlight, and shine it in your attacker’s eyes to momentarily stun the person and buy yourself a few extra moments to escape.

[ photo by: ben▐, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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