LED Christmas Lights: Green or Mean?

The close-up of LED lights was taken in a studio. (Peter Lockley/The Washington Times)

LED Christmas lights are the way to go.  Burning brighter, lasting longer, and significantly more energy efficient than traditional Christmas bulbs, it makes sense that more and more people are catching on.  But some aren’t enjoying the switch. Namely, Gabriella Boston of the Washington Times.



According to Boston, the new LED lights don’t feel (or look) quite right on her tree. ”It’s cold and cheerless instead of warm and inviting,” she says.

If you read her article, Boston practically blames LED Christmas lights for single-handedly diffusing her nostalgic memories of Christmas.  For Boston, Grandma’s burnt ginger snaps, mechanical reindeer in the yard, and burning candles are impossible to enjoy with LED lights burning brightly on her tree.

Despite her Christmas cynicism, Boston (indirectly) concedes that her own seasonal sentiments may be a tad selfish: “After all, if we can be sentimental about the burnt ginger snaps, perhaps the next generation can be nostalgic about fragrance-free cypress-in-a-pot Christmas trees and antiseptic LED Christmas lights.”  Humbly put, if you ask me.

What Boston fails to understand is that Christmas isn’t about her.  It’s not about having her perfectly-lit tree, her Grandmother’s imperfect cookies, or her tacky lawn ornaments. If she can’t experience Christmas without her “warm and inviting” tree, well, then I’m afraid she’s missed the Spirit of Christmas all together.

In the end, Boston leaves us with this gem: “…[T]he flame of nostalgia burns brighter and longer than most everything else.” Yeah, everything else but those LED Christmas lights, that is.

[Photo: Peter Lockley/The Washington Times]

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