Landmark Neon Sign Converts to LEDs

A landmark sign in South Boston once lit by neon gases now uses light-emitting diodes to make its presence known. Mounted on top of Proctor and Gamble’s manufacturing plant, the sign reads “Gillette” in trademark fashion, and signifies the location the Gillette World Shaving Headquarters, according to LEDs Magazine.

The sign itself is 16 feet-tall and 400 feet-long. It now uses over 14,000 LEDs and will save the company over $25,000 a year in energy costs. Previously, the plant was using 5000 feet of neon tubing and nearly $36,000 worth of electricity to light the sign every year; the LEDs are estimated to use $5,000 a year.

The sign was converted by Integrated Electric and Signs by Tomorrow Norton, who won the project by providing a comprehensive report detailing costs and estimated payback. In addition, the companies solicited a $56,000 grant to help fund the project. With the energy savings and grant, the sign will pay for itself in less than three years.

Construction started in December and finished in early January. See pictures of construction and the new LED sign from the link above.

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