Knife Product Review: The Model City Firefighter Evaluates the DX335

COAST's DX335What are your must-have work items? For most of us, a laptop, set of headphones, and a strong cup of coffee would probably make the list. But first responders and firefighters need a completely different set of professional tools, including a good rescue personnel knife. Today we’re highlighting a recent product review for one such COAST rescue knife, the DX335. recently posted a product review for the DX335. The Model City Firefighter writers are both experienced firefighters, with 20 years of firefighting experience between them. So it’s natural that their product reviews should focus on how rescue personnel would experience the DX335.

Overall, the Model City reviewer reported being “blown away by the quality” of the COAST products he’s reviewed. Here are a few of the things Model City had to say about our DX335 locking folding knife.

Firefighters and First Responders: Benefits of the DX335 Stainless Steel Knife

  • Blade Designed to Cut Seatbelts with Ease. The unusual shape of the DX335’s blade allows rescuers to cut seatbelts with “a small amount of tension,” reports Model City Firefighter.
  • Built-In Glass Breaker. If a victim is stuck inside a vehicle, firefighters and rescue workers may have to break the window. The DX335 includes a glass breaker for these situations. Model City Firefighter writes, “If you have proper hand/eye protection on, then [the DX335] should protect your hand from being cut by the broken glass.”
  • Lifetime Warranty. Model City Firefighter points out that all COAST products are protected against workmanship and material defects by a lifetime guarantee.
  • The Right Price for an All-In-One Tool. When you’re running around with heavy firefighting equipment on, every ounce of weight counts. The DX335 combines a belt cutter, glass breaker, and regular knife blade in one tool, and all for the affordable retail price of $32.99.

For safety, the DX335 has a patented Double-Lock safety switch, so that rescue workers don’t have to worry about the 7Cr17 stainless steel blade suddenly closing. We’ve also included thumb studs on both sides of the textured aluminum handle, for comfortable use whether you’re left or right handed. Finally, a deep-carry pocket clip keeps the DX335 in place in the roughest conditions. If you’re looking for a high-quality rescue knife for yourself or a loved one, look no further.

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