Jason D. Page Documentary: Light Painting with LED Flashlights

Light Graffiti - Hypnosis

Light artist Jason D. Page uses light where other artists would use paint. This innovative, compelling artist often uses COAST LED flashlights to create his mesmerizing works. Indeed, we are so intrigued and impressed by Jason’s work that we sponsor him by providing the LED torches and other gear he needs to create his photographs. We profiled Jason’s work in a previous blog post; today we’re highlighting a new documentary profiling Jason and his work.

Looking at Jason’s incredible photographs of hovering, glowing dragonflies, dazzling, sparkling spirals, and other indelible images, it’s easy to assume that they are heavily altered post-shoot. But in fact, everything you see in his pictures happened on camera. Jason does not Photoshop after the shoot. His technique—long exposure time, with the camera shutter open to detect light over a long period—first came to him one night while he was filming the moon on the beach. After accidentally bumping the camera, he saw a streak where the moon had moved in the frame. Now, he creates intricate images by painting with light—flashlights, sparklers, and more—while locking the camera shutter open to capture every glowing line the light sources create.

What really sticks out to us in the documentary about Jason is the personal growth and truth that he has uncovered in his craft. As a child, Jason was so scared of the dark that he often had to have adults accompany him into dark spaces, such as the long hallways in his grandparents’ house. Now, he says, “I go out in the darkness alone. And I work out in the middle of the woods at night, and instead of finding fear there, I find it a place of inspiration and beauty.” Watch the video to hear the incredible tale of Jason’s primal inspiration—an image of an illuminated, vibrant woodland that came to him in a dream.

We are proud to sponsor Jason in his light painting. Our super bright LED flashlights allow Jason to pursue his craft. Like him, we hope that his images give viewers a “temporary escape by inspiring their faith, imagination, and creativity.”


[ Photo by: artwork_rebel, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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