Is Camping Gear Really Romantic?

I was perusing some online camping blogs today when one led me to an interesting pair of articles by Bill Sassani. He wrote two articles for Valentine’s Day, one highlighting outdoor gear gifts for men and one doing the same for women. Now, call me a traditionalist, but I didn’t exactly know camping and hiking gear was on the approved list of gifts to buy for Valentine’s Day. Apparently, they are.

Now, I’ll concede that there’s a good argument for men, but I don’t know if his gear gift-giving opinion on women will stand up. Listen to one of his opening lines:

“Didn’t get the right romantic gift this Valentine’s Day? Instead of the box of chocolates and flowers, why not try giving her some romantic outdoor gear as a make-up gift?”

Maybe it’s just me, but if chocolates and flowers didn’t please your woman, I don’t know if anything will. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there aren’t women who can appreciate a solid outdoors gift, I know there are. And on a birthday or Christmas those gifts will probably fly, but on Valentine’s Day, a holiday filled with romance, love, passion…

Yeah, I’m just not seeing it.

Sassani suggests products like water bottles, LED headlamps, coffee presses, and hand-warmers for the women and gear such as GPS units, pocket knives, survival beacons, and backpacking stoves for the men. Now, if my wife hands me any one of those things on any given day of the year, I’m going to be thrilled. I just can’t say the same about her.

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  1. Reviewed Knives says:

    Haha not sure I’d call anything with a blade “romantic” (despite the fact that I’d want to), but then again I suppose it depends on who your significant other is.

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