Importance of Emergency Lights

Coast personal emergency LED lightMost everyone has experienced a blackout of some sort. The electricity goes off in a storm, you lose your batteries on a camping trip, or you lose the flashlight you keep in your car. Blackouts may not seem like a life-and-death situation at the time, but there are certain instances in which not having the proper lighting can cause major problems. Here are a few such instances, as well as the best types of emergency LED lights to have on hand:

At Home

You may think you know your home well, but simple things such as stairs, furniture and cabinets can be hazardous in complete darkness. The best in-home emergency lighting options include the Coast V2 9 Chip dual color LED flashlight and the Coast Personal Emergency Light. Both are small, lightweight and have extremely long battery lives. Keep the flashlight and lantern in an easy-to-find drawer or cabinet, and make sure you have a few extra batteries on hand.

Camping and Hiking

Not having proper lighting for a camping or hiking trip can be disastrous. The Coast LED Camp Light runs on two AA batteries, lasts for 16 hours and is luminous enough to brighten up even the darkest campsite. Make sure you have a reliable flashlight on hand, too, as well as batteries.

In Your Car

This may not seem like the most necessary place to keep an emergency light, but the first time you lose a tire in the middle of the night you’ll be glad you have one. Go for something small and powerful, such as the Coast Rechargeable Emergency Car Lenser. Not only is this small enough to fit in your glove box, its powerful beam lasts for up to ten hours.

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