Ice Fishing in the Rocky Mountains

It is the time of year, where anglers get to practice their ice fishing skills and enjoy the solitude and subtle excitement of fishing during the extreme weather of winter.  There are several places to ice fish in the Rocky Mountain region, especially in Montana. The Northest corner of the state and the Hi-Line reservoirs are angler favorites but many are looking to Georgetown Lake as their new ice fishing destination. 

Experts in the area say that Butte area fisherman can find several species of fish under the thick, ice covered waters. “Georgetown is a great lake for ice fishing,” said Rainbow Sporting Goods rep Gary Pearson. “It’s full of rainbow trout and there are some very large eastern brook trout … Plus there’s plenty of kokanee salmon.” Rainbow Sporting Goods is located in Anaconda.

The lake was stocked with over 170,000 rainbow trout in 2006.  The lake has a limit on rainbows of 5 per day.

Regulars on the lake say bring a power auger along with your other ice fishing equipment – the ice can be up to 24 inches thick depending on the temperature.

Find out more on what Gary Pearson recommends for equipment and bait while on Georgetown Lake.

Picture from Montana Winter Sports, a site dedicated to providing a broad based information resource for the education, entertainment and active living enjoyment of Northwest Montana.

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