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Damascus Blade Skinner Knife

Damascus Blade Skinner Knife

The Oregon turkey hunting season is here and will last until May 31. Like big game hunting, a lot of knowledge and experience (not to mention good hunting knives) goes into a good turkey hunt, but for some hunters getting started can be a bit overwhelming. The following is a list of turkey hunting resources that you’ll want to read before heading out on a hunt. Even if you’re an experienced hunter it doesn’t hurt to brush up on the basics before going out.

Past Coast Articles

1.      How to Skin a Turkey
Knowing how to properly dress and skin a turkey is essential for any game bird hunter. This interesting and useful article describes the turkey skinning process step-by-step and briefly touches on field dressing a bird so make sure your hunting knife is sharp and ready to go.

2.      Spring Scouting
If you haven’t scouted your hunting areas, chances are you probably won’t go home with much. This article explains what scouting is, why it is so important, and when is the best time to do it.

3.      Seven Turkey Hunting Gear Must-Haves
From hunting knives to a multi tool, the experienced hunter has a large array of tools and weapons at his disposal. This article looks at seven of the top turkey hunting accessories.

State of Oregon Resources

1.      Game Bird Harvest Statistics
The best way to prepare yourself for a hunt is to know as much as you can about your game. This pamphlet gives you vital information and statistics that will arm you with one of the most dangerous weapons of all – knowledge.

2.      Game Bird Regulations
Before you can play a game you have to know the rules. This pamphlet clearly outlines all the regulations you will be expected to abide by when you go out on a hunt.

3.      Game Bird License Requirements
The State of Oregon requires all hunters to be licensed. This pamphlet lists all the requirements for obtaining a game bird hunting license.

Have a question that isn’t answered by one of the above? Don’t hesitate to call the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife at 503-974-6000 or toll free at 800-720-6339. Otherwise, check out Coast’s line of hunting knives and multi tools.

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