Tips for Cleaning Small Game

Quickly and easily cleaning small game is an important skill for any outdoor enthusiast to possess. If you get lost in the woods, knowing how to clean and cook small game may save your life. If you live in an urban area and disaster strikes, small game may be the only thing that keeps you from starving. The following are brief tips for cleaning small game effectively.

Always remember to use a sharp hunting knife or skinning knife when cleaning small game.

1.     Cut off the front feet .

2.     Starting at the underside, cut the tail loose from the body. Don’t cut it all the way off, though – leave it so that the skin is still attached to the back of the animal. The more skin you leave, the better.

3.     Grabbing the hind legs in one hand and the tail in the other, place the tail under your foot and pull up on the hind legs. This will skin the animal from the tail to the head. Continue pulling the skin off the animal until it is removed from the arms and hanging off the head.

4.     Keeping your feet on the tail, use a pair of multi tools or pliers and grab the remaining stomach skin. Pull that up until it is hanging off the back legs.

5.     Place the animal on a flat surface and, using a large butcher knife or camping knife, cut off the head and feet.

6.     Using a sharp skinning knife or pliers, remove the genitalia.

7.     Using scissors, cut the animal’s stomach open, starting at the anus and moving up.

8.     Pull the animal open and remove the entrails – heart, lungs, liver, etc.

9.     Put the cleaned carcass in a bowl and let it soak overnight. This removes excess blood.

10.     Cook and enjoy!

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