Hunting Knife Accessories

Damascus FolderA hunting knife is an important investment for any outdoorsman. When treated well, a quality hunting knife can last for years. But choosing the knife is only the first step – you’ll also need to sharpen it and maintain it properly to get the most life out of it.

Here’s a look at some of the most common accessories for hunting knives:

Arkansas Sharpening Stone

A sharp blade is a safe blade. On an extended hunting trip, this pocket-sized sharpening stone can help your hunting or camping knife keep its edge. Made of natural Arkansas stone, it’s designed for sharpening all different types of knives, from small pocket blades to large Bowie hunting knives. This stone is perfect for sharpening in the woods.

Utility Shears

Shears are handy for any outdoor enthusiast, but especially for a hunter. When field dressing game, shears can do some of the heavy work for you, sparing some wear and tear on your hunting knife. These utility shears feature shears, scissors, a bone cutter and a cap lifter. The blades unhinge for easy cleaning, and it comes with a durable nylon belt sheath.

Leather Sheath

Whether your hunting knife didn’t come with a sheath or you’re looking for an upgrade, a leather sheath is the traditional material of choice for many hunters. Perfect for large blades, this model features heavy-duty stitching, snap closing and a belt slit on the back. Just remember: Never store your hunting or camping knife in a leather sheath for long periods of time, or the blade will rust.

Nylon Sheath

Nylon is a more lightweight sheath material. This nylon sheath is made for smaller skinning or hunting knives. It features the same heavy-duty stitching and belt loop as the leather variety, but with a durable Nylon construction and Velcro closing.

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