Hunting Headlamps

One of the more unique accessories for hunting is the use of a hunting headlamp. At first glance, hunting headlamps look like something out of a science fiction film but they do not serve an esoteric purpose. They are, of course, designed for hunting after dark and, by placing what is essentially a directed flashlight on top of the hunter’s head, the hands remain free. (Hunting headlamps are patterned after the headlamps worn by miners and cave hikers.) I know you may be thinking that a headlamp may actually ruin the chances of getting your prey. I thought that first too. But you have to think outside what you typically think of when you think of hunting.  Hunting headlamps favored by those who hunt raccoons, for example, and other nocturnal predatory animals. It is important to note, however, that hunting at night is not legal in certain regions and even when it is there may be certain regulations in place when it comes to the use of lighting. So, it is important to check local statutes and rules before embarking on a nighttime hunting excursion.

Headlamps are great equipment for any outdoor activity.  There are a number of varieties out there but I prefer an LED lamp because of its brightness and ability to be dimmed as needed.  When you are looking into buying a hunting headlamp, look for versions that have these features.

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