Coast Product Reviews: Concord Carpenter Highlights HP7 Benefits for Law Enforcement

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HP7 LED Flashlight

For many people, a flashlight is almost a novelty item, spending most of the year in a drawer until camping season rolls around. For some professionals, however, such as those in law enforcement, a tactical flashlight is an important toolthat can help them perform their jobs safely and effectively. At COAST Products, we offer flashlights at a variety of price points to cater to both types of individuals.

Recently, a reviewer highlighted the benefits of our HP7 LED flashlight offers for law enforcement personnel, in particular. Rob Robillard at A Concord Carpenter called this tactical flashlight “a well-made tool” that “just reeks of quality.”

A contractor himself, Rob understands the value of a quality flashlight for professional use, and he was quick to see the advantages of the HP7 LED flashlight – particularly for the field of police work. “This is the type of flashlight that anybody can use: home emergencies, law enforcement, EMS personnel, search and rescue, or contractors,” he said. Key features highlighted in the review include:

Beam lock system

The HP7 tactical flashlight easily switches between a highly focused spot beam and a more diffuse flood beam, while our Beam Lock System allows you to fix the beam into any position you desire with a simple twist of the bezel. Once locked into position, the beam stays there until the user changes it. “This may not seem important to you, but if your safety depends on a flashlight, like a police officer, you want your flashlight beam setting consistently on the same pattern every time you hit that switch,” Rob said.

Consistent spotlight and halo

Another important benefit he pointed out was the effectiveness of the HP7LED flashlight’s beam when locked into spot mode. Thanks to our Pure Beam Focusing Optic System, this tactical flashlight throws a pure, consistent spot beam surrounded by an equally clear halo. “Can you imagine for law enforcement personnel?” he said. “They focus the spot on their target or the suspect, and then they have this perimeter to see what their arms and legs or other people on the periphery are doing.”

We at COAST would like to thank Rob for his thorough and thoughtful review of the HP7 LED flashlight!

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