Product Spotlight: HP21 LED Flashlight Packs a Punch

HP21 LED Flashlight image

HP21 LED Flashlight

Whenever those of us at COAST want to impress someone with our company’s engineering prowess, we pull out the HP21, a high-performance LED flashlight so powerful it comes in its own nylon and molded foam carrying case. Clocking in at 1317 lumens, the HP21 is the heavy lifter of the flashlight world.

In addition to outshining its competitors, this LED flashlight offers superior beam consistency, easy focusing from spot to flood and 207 lumens on its low-output setting. But don’t take our word for it; see how these impartial reviewers reacted when they first turned on this behemoth:

Customers at gave rave reviews, calling the HP21 LED flashlight “the Mack daddy of lights” and “an amazingly bright flashlight.” One customer even said, “I believe my HP21 is actually brighter than the headlights on my 2002 Ford Taurus!”

Industry Outsider called the HP21 LED flashlight “akin to holding the power of the sun in your hand” and went on to say, “It’s ‘holy crap, this thing needs a warning label’ bright. This is the first flashlight I’ve ever felt the need to treat like a handgun: Keep your hand off the power button (trigger) and point the lens (barrel) away from people at all times.”

Gear and Gadgets for Everyday Carry had this to say about the HP21 LED flashlight: “Make no doubt about it, this is a manly light! … When I picked this light up and turned it on I got 3 inches taller, my voice dropped and octave and I sprouted more hair on my chest! That’s how manly the HP21 is!!”

ASHI Reporter dubbed the HP21 “the king of high-performance flashlights in terms of construction, size and brightness,” going on to say, “This is a bright light. At 1317 lumens, it trumps any of the lights in this test by 2.5 times.”

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