HP14 LED Flashlight Passes Survival Bros Stress Test

HP14 LED Flashlight“The HP14 is solid, reliable, easy to use, and best of all, it’s a COAST Product, so you know it will never fail.” We were thrilled to read this concluding sentence rounding out a glowing review of our HP14 LED flashlight at the Survival Bros blog. Here are a few more highlights from the review:

Pros of the HP14 LED Flashlight, According to Survival Bros Review

  • High quality case with “lots of Velcro,” strapping on back to hook to belt via Velcro and snap button.
  • High mode (339 lumens) has “great throw”; low mode (56 lumens) is
    “great for battery power.”
  • Pure Beam™ focusing system allows the user to “narrow down the beam quite a bit” via a fingertip speed focus mechanism with beam lock to keep the focus in place.
  • Recessed bottom switch so you can set the flashlight down on its back end without affecting power.
  • Included lanyard bump prevents HP14 from rolling away inadvertently.

The reviewer concluded his video assessment by actually dunking the HP14 LED flashlight into water and throwing it down on the rocks at the Oregon coast. The HP14 withstood this abuse like a champion. As one Survival Bros reviewer put it, “I submerged it in water, threw it on the ground, and it kept burning bright.”

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