How to Make Winter Hiking Safe

I love hiking in the winter: the crunch-crunch of ice beneath your boots, the cold brisk air on your face, and the white sheet of snow that covers the scene around you. For the outdoor enthusiast, winter can be a perfect season to enjoy nature’s beauty, provided he or she takes the right precautions.

Cold temperatures, inclement weather, and short days are only a few of the things that make winter potentially hazardous. At the same time, these things also contribute to the unique beauty the season has to offer. So how do you reconcile the potential enjoyment and potential risks of winter hiking?

Thankfully, Coast published a helpful guide to help answer that very question. “Hiking Safety and Precautions for the Winter” details not only the things you should be aware of this winter but the essential equipment you’ll need as well. For instance, the article emphasizes the need to prepare for adequate light, warmth, and hydration. Obviously, light enables hikers to see, and warmth will ensure the body’s proper function as will drinking enough water.

Furthermore, the article includes a section on planning for things you might not always expect, lending itself to perfectly preparing any adventurer to be safe in the winter outdoors. For more information, read the article here or check out other tips, tricks, and news in our Hiking section.

[photo: iwona_kellie]

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