How to Keep Belongings Safe in Your Car


Vandalism is a scourge of society that can strike at any time. As passionate as we are about high-quality tools and lights, we’d be crestfallen if that incredible new LED flashlight or rugged multi-tool was stolen out of our vehicles. To protect these and other precious items from being snatched out of your car or truck, follow the tips we’ve gathered below.

Follow common sense. Lock your doors. Don’t leave valuables (such as that killer new LED flashlight) out in the open. Anything costly that is visible from your car’s exterior will only attract thieves. Stick your precious items in the glove box, trunk or under a seat.

Protect your sweet stereo setup. Remove your stereo faceplate before locking up the car. Write down the serial number of valuable stereo equipment so you can get it back if the vehicle or its contents are recovered. If you’re a true stereo fanatic, you may even want to invest in a mock faceplate that makes your system look like a crappy old cassette deck. (Yes that sort of thing does exist.)

Be picky about parking. Park only in well-lit, public areas where foot traffic tends to be consistent. When walking back to your car at night, use the buddy system – you’re a much less attractive target to would-be attackers if you have another person with you.

Care for your car. Any emergency situation will only be compounded by a dead battery or empty gas tank. Take care of small issues before they become large problems. Enroll in a roadside assistance program, such as AAA, so as to have a network of support if the unexpected happens while you’re in the middle of nowhere.

Uglify anything you can’t take with you. The best practice for valuables is to simply keep them on your person. However, if you must leave something expensive in your car, it may be wise to make it look less dear. You can even cover your stuff with a black garbage bag, toss in some fast food wrappers and other trash, and assume that thieves will most likely avoid your car.


[ Photo by: wannabehipster, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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